29 May 2005

Unbelicious Song Review - NYC's Applied Communications

Professor of Thermodynamics R. Tyler Mack reviews Applied Communications - "Lobsteriscos Rocketiza"

If you're ever looking for the opportunity to feel unaccomplished or insignificant, consider this:  Max Wood is eighteen years old. Max Wood is a sophomore at New York University.  On 7 June, Max Wood will be releasing Uhhh Sort Of, his second LP from Discos Mariscos under the moniker "Applied Communications".

Because every other blog in the world has reviewed Uhhh Sort Of, I've decided to cover just one song -- an unreleased track that I particularly enjoy.  It's called "Lobsteriscos Rocketiza", and initially it may be the strangest 2:08 you've ever heard.

First of all, something should be explained.  Max does not view Applied Communications as a band name.  In his own words, he sees it as a mindset; an outlet for emotions and problems he associates with teen angst.  In that way, he feels that when he has overcome those issues, he will no longer use Applied Communications, because it will no longer work for him.

The title of lo-fi "Lobsteriscos Rocketiza" can only be a twist of "Rock Lobster", that 1979 B-52’s anthem, and, like "Lobster", "Rocketiza" is self-consciously campy and silly, featuring lyrics like "Snorting coke off your dad…" and "I wanna make love to you, but that doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you…"  Often Max speaks over himself and overlaps words to the point of unintelligibility.  I say words instead of lyrics because Applied Communications doesn’t have songs in the traditional sense:  often the tunes aren’t even really enjoyable to listen to, but they always have a purpose.

Then why listen?  Because it's fascinating.  Because Max has captured the teenage angst experience (his own compounded by the death of his mother) perfectly.   Any halfway-intelligent adolescent can identify with his outbursts:  "I want self-actualization."  "I’m socially awkward."  "My life is such a nightmare."  "I want everything to make sense."

In my favorite part of "Lobsteriscos Rocketiza", Max suddenly breaks into a boppy-eyed tweener voice and chirps, "I’m endearing, heeheeheeheehee! I wanna be a better person! Or something! Whatever!"  It’s outbursts like this that Max interlaces into his Applied Communications songs that I often find myself repeating in real life.  Max often simply states exactly how he feels in “Lobsteriscos Rocketiza”, without any hedging, and it works.  What isn’t necessarily achieved through melody is achieved through reality.  Applied Communications, as Max says, is about communicating something very specific -- there's a set of ideals and ideas here -- and, if you listen close enough, you’ll get it.

27 May 2005

You ain't never had a friend like me.

Lead guitarist for 60s psych-rock underdogs Blue Trampoline Express, Derek Robertson, says hello.

Things you need to know:

A.  We check cheddar like food inspectors.

B.  We could beat you at Street Fighter II.

C.  We didn't start the fire.

D.  We've! Got! A file on you!

The Gang

25 May 2005

A whole new woorrrlld!


This is the first official post of Unbelievably Delicious!, the online weblog of R. Tyler Mack, Derek Robertson, and Megan Porath. On Unbelicious, you will find commentary on music, film, art, culture, politics, and other things every once in awhile when we feel like it.

Unbelicious hopes to post at least once a week, maybe more, and hopefully never less.

Here's to the fewcherr!

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